Decorating with Black & White

simplify with black & white

Tap into this classic modern duo to enrich neutrals and unify your space, indoors and out.

opposites attract

A monochromatic scheme can be soothing but still have impact. Our sofas can be statement-making (and practical!) in black and other base colours; our armchairs in cosy white and neutral hues help balance it out.

add a touch of black to any room to make it pop

use black as a punctuation mark

Black and white emphasise the sculptural silhouettes of our Pure Vases and Pillar Lamp, creating an artful still life on any surface.

layer in natural texture

Use black to add interest to natural materials and textures like woven chairs, a nubbly rug, handwoven baskets or a wooden buffet.

make pattern more modern

From stripes to plaids to geometrics, patterns feel refreshed and elevated in black and white. A neutral bed becomes irresistible with inviting, layered textures in black and white to cushions with fringed details.

bring order

Two-tone baskets add storage – and style – beside the bed or sofa, or in an entryway. Wall art in black and white not only goes with everything, it packs a graphic punch.