How to Choose the Right Size Rug

To choose the right size rug and place it correctly, you’ll need to take into account the size + shape of your room as well as your furniture. Here, scale illustrations show you the best rug size for the most common furniture layouts, along with some essential design tips.


design tips:

  • A rug should anchor your seating arrangement; it doesn’t necessarily have to fill the whole room. Place at least the front two legs of your sofa and main chairs on the rug.
  • Leave at least a 30 cm border between your rug and the walls.


Illustrations feature a 183 cm loveseat.

Standard Sofa

Illustrations feature a 203 cm full-size sofa.

Chaise Modular

Illustrations feature a 274 cm chaise modular.


Illustrations feature a 273 cm L-modular.


design tips:

  • Choose a rug that extends out at least 60cm on each side of your table so there's room to pull out chairs. Most tables need a rug that is at least 250cm wide.
  • If your dining table is expandable, choose a rug that will still fit beneath the table when it is extended.
  • Do you have a round table? You can use a rectangular or square rug, or be bold and consider a round rug instead!


design tips:

  • Depending on the size of the room and the rug and bed within it, aim to place the rug under two thirds of your bed, or under the entirety along with the bedside tables.
  • Allow 60cm to 90cm on each side of the bed to have a soft, cosy space to land when you get out of bed.
  • Alternatively, place a runner on each side of the bed, or a single runner at the foot of the bed.

Queen-sized bed

King-sized bed